About Us

Relay and Control Corp.

We manufacture and import a wide range of branded electrical switches and components. These include our high-quality line of UL Certified Reversing Drum Controls, which are made here in the USA.

Our products are extensively used in commercial and industrial applications. We are leaders in the field, backed by over 55 years of Dedication to Design, Quality, Excellence and Reliability. We have earned a stellar reputation in the distribution of electrical components.

Our manufacturing facility is located on Long Island, NY. Our dedicated staff represents skilled manufacturing and quality control experts, whose goal is to meet the demands required by our customers.

For more information, call us at (631) 981-9204 or e-mail us at, ro@relayandcontrol.com or sales@relayandcontrol.com. You may also contact us at our Toll-Free No. (800) 327-6445.